UPDATE: Currently the studio is no longer accepting new projects as the three partners have launched new firms.

If you have any questions or are trying to reach any of the original partners, please do not hesitate to fill out the CONTACT page form.

We'll do our best to respond in a timely manner. Thank you for your understanding during this time of transition.

For four years, WONDER was a global design studio re-imagining the future of learning at the intersection of space, culture, and story.

During that time, WONDER was led by three partners -- Christian, an educator, designer, and co-founder; Le, an architect, futurist and co-founder; and Sam, a writer and filmmaker -- working exclusively with schools and communities that wished to transform the way they equip young people and educators to thrive in a rapidly changing world. To help answer these difficult questions, WONDER worked with its clients in the following four ways: spatially, by crafting innovative campus master plans and physical design projects; culturally, by creating ways for each community to reflect on, and then revise, its most sacred rituals and customs; structurally, by ensuring full alignment between a school's up-close focus and distant vision; and pedagogically, by curating design expeditions that transform the quality of each teacher's professional practice.

You can see examples of some of our previous design work and creative collaborations via the EXPEDITIONS section.