We're curious about learning when space, culture, and story intersect.

Much of our work in architectural. All of it is human-centered.

Ultimately, we seek to design the conditions so that learners and communities can thrive in their unique futures.

And we adore trying to do so where a community's spaces, culture, and stories merge into a unified learning ecology.

Never cease from exploration.

As the poet T.S. Eliot reminds us,

"We shall not cease from exploration, / and the end of our exploring will be / to arrive where we started and / know the place for the first time."

No matter what solutions are possible, we must first be willing to challenge all of our initial assumptions.

If we do that -- as learners, as designers, and as partners -- we can co-create truly remarkable futures.

This is our expedition.

Expeditions, not projects.

We are regularly approached by others to explore their bravest questions, to facilitate immersive experiences, and to design new patterns of behaviors and spaces.

Sometimes we team up with other to try something unexpected 'from scratch'.

And sometimes we just experiment on our own.

Ponder. Daydream. Explore.

And see where that leads us.