WONDER is a global design studio.

We seek to reimagine the future of learning at the intersection of space, culture, and story. 

Led by three partners -- Christian, an educator and designer; Le, an architect and futurist; and Sam, a writer and filmmaker -- WONDER works exclusively with schools and communities that wish to transform the way they equip young people to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

Unlike past generations, today’s young people face a future that is highly fluid and unknown -- when the time between asking a question and finding the answer is almost instantaneous; and when the mark of a successful school is less about the knowledge you put into your students, and more about the wisdom you are able to pull out.

Given this, in what ways do the structures and aims of education need to shift? Which of our previous practices and programs must we hold onto -- to anchor us in the work ahead? And which habits and hallowed traditions will we need to let go of — so that something new and improved can have the space, naturally and with “urgent patience,” to come into being?

To help answer these difficult questions, WONDER works with its clients in the following four ways: spatially, by crafting innovative campus master plans and physical design projects; culturally, by creating ways for each community to reflect on, and then revise, its most sacred rituals and customs; structurally, by ensuring full alignment between a school's up-close focus and distant vision; and pedagogically, by curating design expeditions that transform the quality of each teacher's professional practice.

Come dream with us -- because wonder is to learning as carbon is to life, and the only way to understand the future of humanity is by understanding the future of learning.

Never cease from exploration.

As the poet T.S. Eliot reminds us,

"We shall not cease from exploration, / and the end of our exploring will be / to arrive where we started and / know the place for the first time."

No matter what solutions are possible, we must first be willing to challenge all of our initial assumptions.

If we do that -- as learners, as designers, and as partners -- we can co-create truly remarkable futures.

This is our shared expedition.